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New Booking Channels B2B & Fintech Tiniva helps you partner with a new world of travel buyers, increase your profit margins and always stay in control of the terms.

At tiniva , we’re dedicated to facilitating meaningful relationships between travel suppliers and the world’s most sought-after clients.

As expert negotiators and consultants, we work on behalf of our travel partners to secure the best travel deals and experiences, benefiting both our clients and the travel suppliers we work with.


We understand the importance of corporate business for travel suppliers. That’s why we’re committed to bringing you valuable deals and opportunities that can help grow your business and establish long-lasting relationships with top corporate clients.

When Tiniva brings you a deal, you can expect:

Distribution Control

Distribute rates and inventory to Distribution Partners worldwide according to distribution strategy.


No intermediaries, no mark-ups. Direct communication between the Hotel and the Distribution Partner.

Just Technology

Easy-to-use platform and leading technology, accelerating speed-to-market.

Increase Revenue

Boost RevPar by yielding your sales according to the correct Segmentation.

Guaranteed Payment

Secure all bookings with a Virtual Credit Card (VCC) or Tiniva Hotel Wallet.

Global Reach

Constantly increase the scope of Distribution Partners worldwide.

Industry Expertise, Innovative Approach

Our team of seasoned travel professionals deeply understands the unique needs and challenges of both travel suppliers and clients. We combine this expertise with a data-driven, innovative approach to identify the most valuable opportunities and craft mutually beneficial deals.

When you work with Tiniva, you benefit from:

Driving Long-Term Success

At Tiniva, we're focused on driving long-term success for both our clients and the travel suppliers we work with. By bringing you high-value deals and fostering direct relationships with decision-makers, we aim to help you achieve sustainable growth in the travel market.

Some of the long-term benefits of working with Tiniva include:

Start selling rooms in minutes

Content loading

Register your hotel and automatically import all content through a single link in under 3 minutes.

Upload rates and inventory

Load rates and inventory via the Tiniva Hotel Extranet or Channel Manager.

Automatic Translation

With a single click, the content available in 9 languages

Go Live

Access the Tiniva Control Panel, and start selling to Distribution Partners.

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