Tiniva is the leading go-to B2B solution providers for Hotels, Wholesalers, Supply Partners and Destinations

Powerful technology : Our story is one of innovation, growth and diversification: by leveraging our web-based platforms and deep industry expertise, we are recognised as the trusted TravelTech partner of key players across the industry.

Innovation, growth and diversification

Since our inception in 2021, we have aimed to revolutionise the ways in which B2B travel players book and distribute travel products. Our powerful technology platforms are designed to help our clients and partners efficiently manage their inventory and bookings, putting the power to work seamlessly into their hands and removing friction from the overall travel experience.

A single API to connect to many Hotel Systems

Founded in 2021 by Anil Kumar Prasanna and Shashi Theganahally, Tiniva aims to facilitate interaction with hotel data. Indeed, via its API, the Bengaluru-based start-up aims to enable developers to connect to a large number of hotel systems. The objective: Standardize and modernize hotel management. And this by means of gateways known as legacy systems.

Mission Possible

The single reason for Tiniva to exist is that the travel industry needs more secured and structured standards of data management to operate and improve the way they serve customers.


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future API of the hotel industry
Future API of the hotel industry
A single API to connect hotel data from all over the world – that’s the goal of the Tiniva startup. Tiniva looks set to take on the challenge of making hotel data easily accessible to third-party platforms. With the digitalization of tourism, Tiniva seems to be a really innovative solution.
One API, multiple hotel system connections.
The advantage of Tiniva
No more need to integrate additional functionality, sometimes from different suppliers. These functionalities, although useful, weigh down the system more than anything else. And that’s where Tiniva comes in.

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